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The 1957 Corvette had several engine options including a single four-barrel, dual four-barrel and the Rochester fuel-injection system. What was once unheard of, the goal of one horsepower per cubic inch, had been achieved by Chevrolet. The fuel-injected 283 cubic inch V8 engine with the 4-speed transmission produced 283 horsepower at 6200 RPM. This combination became the powertrain to beat on the sports car tracks and drag strips alike.

The Ford Motor Company introduced the Thunderbird in February 1953 to counter the Corvette. Even though the Thunderbird had a larger displacement engine with the introduction of the 312 cubic inch Y-block V8 engine it fell far short of even single four-barrel version of the 1957 Corvette engine. Ford's 312 engine produced only 215 horsepower when the low-end 1957 Corvette engine was putting out 220 horsepower.